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Sweet Baby Yorkie's Contracts

Sweet Baby Yorkie's Bill of Sale Agreement

               Upon signing this document both buyer and seller agree to the seller releasing ownership of the above-named puppy. The puppy has been paid in full today upon release of the puppy. The buyer agrees that the puppy appears to be in great health, and has received the puppy’s personal shot record. Seller has provided all appropriate vaccines for the puppy’s age, and the buyer understands the puppy will need boosters of the initial vaccinations and agrees to provide the necessary follow up. Buyer realizes failure to do so is LIFE THREATHENING to the puppy! The purchaser agrees to have annual veterinary exams, keep immunizations current, and to treat for parasitic problems as needed. Buyer and seller have read and discussed the puppy’s health guarantee and each has received a signed copy of the document. If within 48 hours the puppy is found to be other than healthy by the buyer’s veterinarian, puppy can be returned to the seller immediately, and the purchase price will be refunded. All sales are final, and no returns or refunds will be issued for any reasons other than those stated in the health guarantee. If buyer has received their puppy’s AKC application for registration, they understand that it is their responsibility to submit and pay for this document. If the AKC pulls registration seller is not liable for any breeding she did not directly oversee. All legal action must be directed at the responsible party. Buyer agrees that the puppy is being purchased as their companion and that the puppy is not intended for resale; and in the event that they are no longer able to own or care for the puppy they will contact seller to arrange for it to be returned. For no reason will it be turned over to a pound, shelter, rescue organization, laboratory, or similar enterprise. Buyer agrees it is in the best interest of the above said puppy to be kept as a house pet and will not keep the puppy as an "outside" dog; and will provide the puppy with a secure and clean environment. Seller neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees other than those written in this agreement and the health guarantee. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the Seller and Buyer with respect to this sale.

The Buyer’s signature below indicates the buyer has read, understands, and agrees to all the conditions of the Bill of Sale Agreement.

Sweet Baby Yorkie's Health Guarantee

             I, Megan Reed (seller), guarantee that the puppy is free from life threatening congenital or hereditary defects for 1 year from the date of birth. If the puppy has a hereditary defect that seriously impacts the quality of life, warrants euthanasia, or requires continuous medical treatment throughout the course of life, the buyer is entitled to a full refund of the total puppy price. Buyer must have a licensed veterinarian provide proof, and I reserve the right to a 2nd opinion by a veterinarian of my choosing. This agreement is void if the puppy shows any evidence of neglect, abuse, disease, injury, improper nutrition, or viral and bacterial infections. The puppy must be maintained at an appropriate body weight and condition. If the puppy is female, she must not have been bred during the first 10 months of her life. Buyer’s veterinarian must show proof of basic veterinary care such as vaccinations and parasite control. This guarantee doesn’t cover retained baby teeth, luxating patellas, over or under bite, or non-erect ears. Issues that are not usually life threatening and common to repair during spay/neuter, such as undescended testicles or hernias, will not warrant a refund. In the event of these types of issues compensation will be decided by seller after speaking with buyer’s vet. Seller is not responsible for miscellaneous problems that are treatable such as hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, guardia, parasites, bacterial infection, or any other disorders caused by environmental factors. Physical problems which result from injury are not covered under this guarantee. Whether the buyer is entitled to a refund or not all expenses and vet charges incurred by the purchaser after the puppy leaves my home are their sole responsibility. This guarantee applies to the original purchaser only and is not transferable to a second party. I offer no guarantee of the puppy’s breeding abilities, purebred-ness, show quality, size, or temperament.

By signing this document, the buyer and I agree we have read, understand, and agree to the conditions stated above.

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